Nurturing in your talents, growing together

Learning and Development
Developing our people’s skills and supporting their talents - at every stage of their career - is a major priority for our business. 

Personal development
METRO Cash & Carry’s success depends on qualified and well-trained staff. We help our people reach their goals by clearly defining job requirements and qualifications, and then ensuring their personal development plan is matched to help them push the boundaries further. Lifelong learning is triggered across all functions and levels – starting from the store sales staff until executive level. 

Learning opportunities
Whether you work in store, or in our head offices, we invest in your personal development from day one. Depending on your skills and job requirements, your training may cover functional skills, personal development or leadership training.

House of Learning
Established in our corporate headquarters, METRO Cash & Carry’s House of Learning provides a wide-ranging learning portfolio. Our diverse group of internal and external trainers share their expertise and personal experiences to develop professionals and leaders and ensure our practices and standards are maintained across all stores and countries.

What’s more, we’re always welcoming up-and-coming business experts to join our qualification programme. We value the innovative ideas and knowledge of people at every level and becoming a part-time trainer for an international audience is a sure way of elevating their expertise and skills to the highest level. Enjoy our learning opportunities which are an effective mix of various methods, such as:

For self-studying independently from location and time.

For an in-depth opportunity to experience, discuss, reflect and test new behaviours and skills. The sessions are conducted locally or at our international campus in Royaumont, France.

Videos and learning events
With gamification elements.

Webinars and massive open online courses
That incorporate video lectures, articles, discussion groups and quizzes.

Social and self-initiated learning
We also trigger each one’s self-learning initiative by providing a digital Open Learning Platform including internal and external content that inspires! Available 24/7 with your digital METRO device, you can explore literature, videos, eLearning and massive open online courses. 

Join the learning community on our internal social media platform and exchange with international colleagues in communities of practice.